The Pulse

The pulse has been used for hundreds of years to evaluate the state of a person's health. The Chinese system is used identify imbalances in all the major systems of the body. There are different positions on each wrist allocated to each system or area of the body. Depending upon the quality of the sensations felt at different depths at each position the practitioner is able to "see" where past, present, or future problems lie. Historically, there have usually been 6 main positions, 3 on each wrist. In this system, 22 other positions around the wrist are used to enhance the diagnostic picture. Because of the importance of the information that the pulse provides, I usually spend 30 - 40 minutes examining it on the first consultation. Most people find this a pleasant and relaxing experience.

In the news... Teaching pulse diagnosis at the NCA... Don Clarke at the Northern College of Acupuncture

The Tongue

The tongue also provides much information about imbalances in the body. For instance a tongue that is too red indicates that there is too much heat in the body; a swollen or toothmarked tongue, that the movement of fluids around the body is restricted. For a short video of Don Clarke talking about pulse diagnosis and the teaching of pulse diagnosis at the NCA, see the following the link: https://youtu.be/k6l1MqXB9HI