Don Clarke - About TCM acupuncture

About TCM Acupuncture

Acupuncture is part of a system of medicine which has developed over 3000 years and continues to be refined today. The Traditional Chinese Medicine model articulates the principle that, in health, the body's energies are balanced and flow smoothly through channels. If this flow becomes blocked or disturbed then an individual may experience pain or illness. Acupuncture supports the body's self-healing abilities by correcting the flow of energy throughout the individual. In more mundane terms, for me this means, that the stresses that affect our everyday lives can cause our bodies not to function as well as they might. Patients often report that symptoms get worse when they are under stress. Initially the systems are not damaged but merely become out of sync with one another. The symptoms can be purely irritating or can become unbearable. Acupuncture works best at this stage. Treatment is more difficult when the condition becomes more substantial. Acupuncture, therefore, works most effectively at an early stage in the condition rather than later. It is a shame that many people try acupuncture as a last resort rather than at an early stage. Nevertheless, even in the most serious conditions, acupuncture can often make a significant difference to problems that surround such circumstances and therefore improve the person's experience of the proirblem.

Increasingly, research shows that acupuncture is not a quaint or esoteric belief system but rather a powerful form of natural medicine which can regulate the major systems in the body as well as relax tense muscles and moderate the experience of pain. Traditional Chinese Medicine has a 'technical' language which can be mistaken by some for mere esoteric musings. It reveals the Chinese' recognition that the functioning of the human body reflects the laws of nature and so used those terms to describe its workings. Most importantly it is a pragmatic approach to health as diagnosis of a particular condition leads directly to particular treatment strategies with acupuncture.

Acupuncture can be used to treat most conditions but are by no means effective in all situations and there are clearly times such as acute and life-threatening conditions where conventional medicine is more appropriate. Chinese medicine is often used in treating chronic problems and is often particularly effective at treating problems which conventional approaches find problematic. Notwithstanding this, Chinese Medicine can also be effective at recognising imbalances within an individual which if left will lead to chronic or severe conditions.